Invited Speaker

I have been invited to present key note addresses, facilitate workshops and present sessions nationally and internationally. My presentations combine a woman-centred approach with research evidence, stories and practical suggestions. I aim to generate critical thought and discussion on topics that impact women and their birth experiences.

Rachelle Oseran

Conference Organiser, International Childbirth Conference

I am so grateful to you for coming to Israel and for giving such an inspiring talk which a couple of people referred to as ‘a spiritual experience’. You could see for yourself from the standing ovation you received how much the attendees appreciated your session… You really are a wonderful speaker. Your experience and knowledge permeate every word of your presentation. Your research gives credence to everything you say…

Wendy Agars

Capers Workshop

Thanks for a great workshop on the weekend. So many great ideas for assisting women, lots of research based facts that challenged what I thought I knew, great stories from a diverse range of midwives and beautiful videos to complement our learning. You put so much work into the presentations, and the workshop generally, and it was much appreciated. Thank you again.

Doula Network Australia Committee

Doula Network Conference

Thank you for your contribution at the conference. You have inspired us all to be better doulas. Your presence has really made a wonderful impact. We are very grateful for all that you do.


Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Talk

Thank you for a great talk today on the Gold Coast. I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it to implement in my childbirth education classes. It’s women like you that make what we do so worthwhile to see the passion in maternity care and how we can better support women.

Invited Speaker Events and Presentations 


New Zealand College of Midwives Conference –November 2023, Christchurch, NewZealand
Keynote: The power of relationships in reclaiming birth
Panel: Is induction of labour the latest pandemic?

Strength to Progress Conference – September 2023, Perth, Australia
Keynote: Reclaiming strength through solidarity

Doula Conference Australia – March 2023, Maroochy, Australia
Presentation: Relationships within the childbirth rite of passage

Robert Gordon University – November 2022, Aberdeen, Scotland (OL)
Presentation: My career pathway

CAPEA Conference – October 2022, Mooloolaba, Australia (OL)
Plenary presentation: Nurturing self-trust

Hypnobirthing Australia Conference – October 2022, Mooloolaba, Australia (OL)
Q&A circle

The State of Birth Symposium – October 2022, United Kingdom (OL)
Keynote presentation: Re-thinking how we support women and their partners for childbirth

DHZ Congress – September 2022, Germany (OL)
Presentation: Promoting physiological childbirth

Australia Endorsed Midwife Conference – August 2022, Noosa, Australia
Dinner Address: The story of my book (and career)

Escuela Renacer – April 2022, Chile (OL)
Presentation: Reclaiming childbirth as a rite of passage

Connecting Kids Symposium – March 2022, Brisbane, Australia
Presentation: Childbirth as a rite of passage

Optimising Maternal & Parental Wellbeing Conference – February 2022, Australia (Online)
Presentation: New expectations: Shifting roles and relationships in the childbirth rite of passage

Australian College of Midwives QLD State Conference – May 2021, Toowong
Keynote presentation: What do we want midwifery to be in the future?

Maternity Service Leaders Symposium (MGP) – March 2021, Queensland, Australia (Online)
Panel member: Relationship based care

Normal Labour and Birth Research Conference – December 2020, International (Online)
Presentation: Birth without directed pushing

HypnoBirthing Australia Conference – November 2020, Australia (Online)
Keynote presentation: Birthing the placenta

International Birth Assistance Symposium (SIAPARTO) – November 2020, International (Online)
Keynote presentation: Instinctive behaviours during the pushing phase

Spinning Babies 2020 World Confluence – October 2020, International (Online)
Keynote presentation: Childbirth as a rite of passage

Better Birth 360o World Summit – July-August 2020, International (Online)
Presentation: Birthing the placenta

Doula Network Conference – March 2020, Australia (Online)
Keynote presentation: Picking up the threads: birthing after caesarean

Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Talk – August 2019 and February 2020, Gold Coast, Australia
Presentation: Why induction matters

Why Induction Matters Day – January 2020, Sydney, Australia
Full day event with Prof Hannah Dahlen and Dr Kate Levett

With Woman Retreat: reclaiming birth as a rite of passage – December 2018 and 2019, Australia
Three day retreat with co-faciltators: Jane Hardwick-Collings, Jessie Johnson-Cash, Marie-Louise Lapeyre, Judy Diana Mort, Sequoia Krop

Induction – A Day with Rachel Reed – September 2019, Palmwoods, Australia
Facilitation and delivery of one day workshop

Calmbirth Educator Conference: Practice Makes Permanent – August 2019, Sunshine Coast, Australia
Keynote presentations: The rite of passage into motherhood / Making informed decisions in birth

Doula Academy – June 2018 and June 2019, Perth, Australia
Workshop: Physiological birth and induction of labour; Q&A session

Northumbria University – June 2019, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
Public lecture: Women, childbirth and the role of the care providers; Midwifery Society presentation: Why induction matters

33rd Homebirth Conference: Women of Earth Take Back Your Birth – March 2019, Geelong, Australia
Q&A session: Current issues and research in birth; Keynote presentations: The collective culture of women in childbirth; Women of earth take back your words

Doula Network Australia: 1st National Conference – September 2018, Sydney, Australia
Keynote presentations: Evidence based practice and dealing with the disconnect in maternity services; Supporting women’s instinctive pushing behaviour

International Childbirth Conference – May 2018, Jerusalem, Israel
Keynote presentation: Best evidence for supporting women’s instinctive pushing behaviour during birth

Birth Issues Conference: birth trauma, human rights and negotiating the system – May 2018, Brisbane, Australia
Keynote presentation: Challenges of providing woman-centred care in institution-centred maternity services

Turning the Tide for Birth and Breastfeeding – February 2018, Warrnambool, Australia
Keynote presentations: The problem with evidence based maternity care; Childbirth as a rite of passage

Lismore Hospital: Respectful Maternity Care – Making a Difference – April 2017, Goonellabah, Australia
Keynote presentation: Care providers and birth trauma

HypnoBirthing Australian Summit – March 2017, Pomona, Australia
Keynote presentation: Childbirth as a rite of passage: supporting transformation

Better Birth 360o World Summit – February-March 2017, International (Online)
Keynote presentation: Supporting women’s instinctive pushing behaviour during birth

Capers Events – 2012 to 2017, various locations, Australia
Weekend workshop: 
Managing variations and complications; One day workshops: a range of topics including: research, physiological birth, induction of labour

Woodford Folk Festival Talk – December 2016, Woodford, Australia
Presentations: Rites of passage: birth – with GeorGina Kelly

AusMed – Midwifery Challenges Conference – May 2016, Brisbane, Australia
Keynotes presentations: 
Meeting the challenges of modern midwifery practice; To push or not to push… that is the question

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Seminar – May 2015, Sunshine Coast, Australia
Presentation: Supporting women’s instinctive pushing behaviour during birth

The Passage to Motherhood Conference – May 2015, Brisbane, Australia
Keynote presentations: Information sharing, decision-making and consent; Waterbirth: a reflection of the birth paradigm – with Michel Odent

GOLD Midwifery Conference – February 2015, International (Online)
Keynote presentation: Placental birth

Building Better Babies Summit – December 2014, International (Online)
Keynote presentation: Routine interventions – what you need to know

Midwifery Today Conference – November 2014, Byron Bay, Australia
Keynote presentations: 
Nuchal cords, meconium and PROM; Birth as a rite of passage and the midwife as a ritual companion

29th Homebirth Australia Conference – March 2014, Brisbane, Australia
Panel member: Informed choice

Proserpine Hospital – February 2014, Proserpine, Australia
One day workshop: Midwifery practice for labour and birth workshop

Trust Birth Conference – September 2013, Sydney, Australia
Keynote presentations: 
Birth from the baby’s perspective; Placental birth and PPH

Turning the Tide for Birth and Breastfeeding – February 2013, Warrnambool, Australia
Workshop: Midwifery skills;  Keynote presentations: 
Birth from the baby’s perspective; Vaginal birth after caesarean

Childbirth and the Law Forum – October 2012, Parramatta, Australia
Panel member

Trust Birth Conference – April 2012, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Workshop: Shoulder dystocia – a situation based approach; Keynote presentations: The umbilical cord: a thorough exploration; Evidence based practice?; The stages of labor and the emperor’s new clothes