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Reclaiming Childbirth

Learn how you can contribute to reclaiming childbirth as a rite of passage.

This course is for anyone who works with women and their families during pregnancy, birth and/or the postnatal period OR who teaches people who do.

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What to expect

This course guides you through exploring and developing your role in the childbirth rite of passage.

Completion of the course materials will take you approximately 15 hours. Progression is self-paced. 

The course is taught by Dr Rachel Reed (author, researcher and educator).

You will complete 15 lessons across the 5 modules of the course:





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"Thank you Rachel! This was so beautifully and passionately presented. Asking those difficult questions of myself definitely refined and clarified my role and certainly brought the focus back to what I can do, rather than what I wish I could do. It's been a fantastic learning experience." 
– Faye Wood

"Thank you Rachel! It has been amazing to have the opportunity to reflect on, and grow in, what I’m offering to women, but also to consider how I can continue doing the role I love more sustainably, while also being part of a bigger collective working to reclaim childbirth. Thank you for this brilliant course!"
 – Aimee Sing

"I absolutely loved this course. It's a breath of fresh air to hear the facts vs. practices of the maternity industry. To learn of the herstory of birth practices brings me so much clarity in how modern birth practices have come to be – huge lightbulb moments for me. Rachel, you deliver the information so well, in such a grounded and well articulated way. 
– Dione

"What a brilliant course – I have learned so much about myself. I also love that I can come back and redo the activities as I further develop my skills and abilities in the birth world!"
 – Tiara

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